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Announcing Metahero White Paper publication

Announcing Metahero White Paper publication

Happy 2023 HEROes!

What do you say we kick off the year with a long-awaited release?

As you may know, since taking over the project last year it has undergone a huge amount of change behind the scenes. With new management from the top down, we continued to adjust to the new structures and key roles internally, whilst expanding our team.

Along with these new eyes on the MetaHero project in key positions, came the evolution of our plan of action, as we took the time to assess and discuss the best approach for our platform, and settle on the finer points of our business model. Working together to explore, identify and document our new team's vision for the project…

All whilst simultaneously pushing on with the process of implementation and delivery of that vision!

So….Drumroll please….

Today we are happy to announce the publication of our new White paper! (Insert crowd cheer here!)

We wanted a White paper more reflective of our team's grounded approach, tone, and our focus on the fundamentals. And so it has been modeled much more in the classic crypto white-paper blueprint, set by the likes of Bitcoin itself, just straight to the point of what we are building here.

We will of course, as ever, be following up with the collection of any further questions you may have, so we will announce the invitation for your follow-up White paper Q&A questions later this week. We are very much looking forward to clarifying these points for you.

We hope you are all as excited to read it as we are to publish it! Click here to read it!