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Metahero’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) - MAREK LEWANDOWSKI

Metahero’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) - MAREK LEWANDOWSKI

Who’s ready for #HEROTeam round 2? 
As promised, we continue our mini-series covering some of the new core management team that has already been hard at work this quarter…
This week we unveil a new face to you all:

Introducing our brand new Chief Information Officer (CIO): Marek Lewandowski. 

Marek has taken over the leadership of all of our backend development. From the mechanics of our new Website and booking platform to our awesome Avatar App development (in partnership with our new Technological partners, more on that soon) Marek has led the way. Needless to say, it’s been a busy start to life at Metahero as a result! But we finally managed to catch up with him, so you could find out a little more about our new CIO. 

“I have been fortunate to have had a diverse and well-rounded career in software development and leadership. In my most recent role as the CTO at TransactionLink, I led the technical team and shaped the company’s technical strategy and direction. I had the opportunity to participate in building TransactionLink from scratch, which taught me a lot about the challenges and rewards of creating a startup. 

Prior to my time at TransactionLink, I spent nearly three years at Survicate, where I gained valuable experience as a Senior Software Developer. The startup atmosphere at Survicate was fast-paced and dynamic, and I learned a lot about the secrets of growing a company from a very early stage. 

I have also had the opportunity to work as a Full-stack Developer at both GulfTalent and Getin Noble Bank S.A., where I gained valuable experience working with a wide range of technologies and programming languages. My time at GulfTalent taught me about the practicalities of working in a multinational and multilingual team, which has proven to be a valuable skill in my career. At Getin Noble Bank S.A., I had the chance to learn about agile project management and corporate structure, which helped me to develop a more holistic understanding of the software development process. 

In addition to my professional experience, I received my education at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, where I was able to get a comprehensive education in computer science and related technologies. This education gave me a strong foundation in programming and software development, which has helped me succeed in my career. 

I have learned to build scalable and robust software systems in my various roles. I believe that bringing together this experience in introducing reliability and security which I’ve gained in fin-tech with already present cutting-edge 3D technology at Metahero will be a great opportunity to truly innovate and bring booming new solutions to the market." 

Check out this short introduction video on our YT channel.

2023 will see even further expansion for our backend team, as Marek continues his work scaling up his department in line with the launch of the Metahero platform. We are excited to have a man of Marek's quality on board and look forward to sharing with you all the wonderful work he is a key part of putting together!