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Metahero’s Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) - PIOTR HARWAS

Metahero’s Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) - PIOTR HARWAS

Hey HEROes!

Many of you have been eagerly awaiting more news on the ongoing Team Expansion mentioned in our Roadmap.
Well, good news…Today marks the first in a new series of #HEROteam announcements!

We have been putting together a new top team at Metahero for months behind the scenes, whom we trust to lead the project into its exciting future. From different department managers to freelance contractors, we currently have a team of around several dozen working on the project.
Most of these have already dived straight into their work on the project already, so thank you for your patience as we organize time out of the key member's busy schedules to reveal them to you!

Enough chit-chat - Let's dive in!

Just to get things warmed up, we’re starting with a face that some of you may recognize from his work at WOLF…

Introducing Metahero’s Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) - PIOTR HARWAS

In 2000 Piotr co-founded Media Explorer, one of Poland's first media monitoring agencies. Instantly political parties, as well as medical and pharmaceutical corporations, became their clients. 

His passion for photography has led him to win a variety of European awards and open exhibitions of his work. Photography has also brought him to 3D scanning and digitizing processes, with a specialty in photogrammetric technology. His experience in constructing devices based on that technology led him to create successful scan applications in the gaming and cinematography worlds. 

From 2015 to 2017 he was a sales director of scanners that used structured light technology and machines based on incremental technologies. 

Currently, he works as Studio Director of Photography and Photogrammetry (2D and 3D) at Wolf Project Studio, where he created the first fully mobile photogrammetric chamber based on 64 cameras. Under his supervision, the fourth version of that chamber - is the very chamber that has been developed and is set to be launched for the Metahero project.  

We caught up with Piotr whilst furiously working away on our latest scanners and he had these words to say:

‘I strongly believe that we are at the threshold of the Metaverse and it's only up to us, how stylishly we enter it and how wisely we use it for our benefit. I am really happy to be a co-creator of that entrance.’

We agree and are excited to have Piotr leading the way for our scanning department as we open the gateway between the digital and real worlds.

Check out this short introduction video on our YT channel.

As said, this is just the start of our team reveals and we will continue to cover the key additions in this new #HEROteam series over the coming weeks & months, alongside various milestones for the project, so look out for those on our announcement channels!