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FAME MMA & Metahero Announce Official Partnership

FAME MMA & Metahero Announce Official Partnership

? HEROes, Are you ready for the main event!?

We're excited to announce that Metahero & FAME MMA have entered into an official partnership, extending our reach into the world of sport fighting across FAME's massive PPV audience & fan base.?



This partnership will allow us to showcase our full spectrum of technological capabilities, granting our team exclusive licensing rights to scan all FAME MMA star athletes and market their NFTs via our marketplace - adding hundreds of influencers into the Metahero family.

? Due to this exclusive partnership we would like to also announce that WDW's first scanner has been officially placed in Poland, where it is currently operational, already having scanned FAME's entire team.  

FAME's NFTs will be the first, among others, to be marketed and sold through the marketplace.



Learn more about FAME MMA ?

This partnership will kick off real-world use of the entire Metahero/WDW ecosystem - the first of many that we have lined up.✊