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Metahero's Chief Operations Officer (COO) - JAKUB NALEJ

Metahero's Chief Operations Officer (COO) - JAKUB NALEJ

It’s #HEROTeam time again!

2023 is here and it’s an exciting one for all related to the project, given it marks the year we finally launch MetaHero to the public! It is of course therefore paramount, to make sure that MetaHero has its own core management team, with key members dedicated to the delivery of our platform.

During the takeover in 2022, we were fortunate to have long-standing WOLF group member Konrad Sobczak helping us with the handover of the project, as acting COO, whilst we steadied the ship. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Konrad for his stellar work during this period and let you all know that he hasn’t gone far! Konrad has returned to his role at WOLF as they continue their work moving their HQ to Switzerland.

So today we unveil a truly essential new team member at Metahero, Our New Chief of Operations (COO): Jakub Nalej.

Jakub (often friendly referred to as “Kuba”) has been straight into the action with us behind the scenes for the last couple of months, and has been a key member in identifying and assembling our new dedicated Hero team, evolving our business plan & organising all day to day activities, with a view to leading the project to our long term goals. You may have noticed he was also notably the author of our new teams recently published White Paper.

A highly experienced professional in the fields of new technologies, management and business, throughout his career, he has gained a range of skills and knowledge that make him perfectly suited to his current role as COO and head of the MetaHero project.

Jakub began his career at the Polish Academy of Sciences, where he served as an IT manager and was responsible for digitizing scientific collections. This role allowed him to develop both his technical and management skills. In addition, he provided consultations in the fields of gaming, financial technology, and business, further expanding his expertise.

Jakub also has experience working as a senior IT consultant at evo payments, where he implemented an advanced settlement system. This role required him to have strong project management and business process optimisation skills. Additionally, he also served as a technological and cryptocurrency advisor to the WOLF company, further increasing his knowledge of the technologies involved in this project and positioning himself well as someone with great familiarity with the story of Wolf and Metahero so far.

His extensive experience in relevant fields, strong management, and technical skills, and his passion for new technologies make him the ideal candidate. We’re grateful to have him as the man to lead MetaHero, alongside Mariusz into the years to come. 

Check out this short introduction video on our YT channel. 

Welcome Jakub!