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The Revolution Has Begun

The Revolution Has Begun

The revolution has begun. #Metahero was successfully launched and is now in the hands of its hodlers, YOU. Although we had a brief misfire with the launch, the team quickly adapted and brought the $HERO to the masses within 24 hours.

We appreciate and graciously commend those of you that have chosen to join the revolution with us. Our team is dedicated to giving our everything in order to make #Metahero both a financial and fundamental change and success for all of those involved, as well as the wider community, by leading by example of whats to come.

As the requests and contacts from exchanges to partnerships continue to roll in we can assure you that this is only the beginning and that Metahero is growing faster than even we could have imagined.

Continue to check back from time-to-time for updates or check out one of our social channels on IG, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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Always remember to #BeYourOwnHero