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Hey HEROes!

Here at Metahero the work doesn’t stop…so how about that New Technological Partnership Announcement?

This quarter, as you know, we have been further preparing the groundwork for the upcoming public launch of the Metahero platform. One key aspect of that has been the ongoing development of our brand new Avatar app, the software that will enable some of the first use cases for your scans!

We have been working throughout the last few months alongside our new technological partners to bring this software to life…

Introducing our partnership with Aidar Solutions!

Aidar is a technology company specialising in the development of VR /AR software for knowledge transfer and remote service. It is best known for exploring new ways of using virtual and augmented reality technology to create innovative training software solutions for businesses wanting to harness the full power of the “Industrial Metaverse”.
Their wealth of experience in software development in the digital sphere has played a key part in their work alongside us and new CIO Marek Lewandowski.

Work on the avatar app continues this quarter as we ramp up development in parallel with the launch of our public platform. It’s set to be an exciting 2023 for our project!

We’ll check in with more from Aidar and explore our collaboration a little further later, but for now… it’s back to work we go!