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Presenting the Metahero Revolution #BeYourOwnHero

Presenting the Metahero Revolution #BeYourOwnHero

Firstly, Metahero is so much more than just a cryptocurrency coupled with one of the most futuristic technologies out today, the 3D Ultra-HD metascanner.

Metahero is a revolutionary movement to take back your own life and create true financial freedom and everyday independence. In a world that continuously creates laws and order in an attempt to funnel your money and thinking down the narrow path that benefits only those making these decision for you, Metahero rises to give you back control of your life and decisions.

The metascanning technology coupled with the elaborately thought out tokenomics that drive the $HERO token benefit those that stay loyal to themselves and the movement at hand. Crypto is here to stay, and that scares many. But for those of you that see the future, or seek change, you can rest assured that #Metahero is here for the long haul and believe whole-heartedly in our mission of mass crypto adoption - and not for us as a company, but for you as an individual.

#BeYourOwnHero can be seen and practiced in every aspect of your life. It's up to you to decide what it means to you.


Welcome to the revolution and #BeYourOwnHero