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How to add HERO tokens to Metamask/Trustwallet?

Metamask: Trustwallet:

How and when can I buy HERO on PancakeSwap?

You can buy it on July 5th 1pm CET. Video instruction:

What is the price of HERO for the PancakeSwap listing?

Listing will start at the same price as during presale, 1 BNB = 200,000 HERO.

Is there a lockup on the HERO tokens bought at presale?

No, there is no lockup.

Public presale took place two days before PancakeSwap launch so someone can add liquidity and dump the price - do you have any protection for this scenario?

There is a mechanism built in our smart contract that prevents anyone from adding liquidity until the PancakeSwap launch so this will not happen.

Are the devs doing anything to combat the bots?

We have our own plan to keep the bots away from the PancakeSwap launch but if you know blockchain you know that it’s impossible to control that in full.

What is the supply at the time of PancakeSwap launch?

Around $6 million. 2B HERO + 10,000 BNB.

What does ‘slippage’ mean?

Slippage is the amount of price difference you are willing to pay if the price increases between the time you click swap and the time it actually goes through. If you put for example 10% that means you are willing to still purchase even though the price has increased by 10%. If the price has not increased by 10% then you get whatever it is under that range.

What slippage should I set on PancakeSwap?

Minimum is 6%, depending on the demand at a given time this may require to be increased. For the first hour of trading xperienced users recommendations are between 10% and 30% (NFA).

Should I use V1 or V2 PancakeSwap?

V2 (which is opened by default ->

Can I buy HERO only with BNB?

You can use for example BUSD but Pancake Swap will execute two transactions anyway. BUSD -> BNB -> HERO