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New community manager

New community manager


Metahero Telegrams worst kept secret is out, I’m stepping in to an official role…. 
For those of you who know me, Hey, It’s me! For those who don’t follow the community channels though, I go by my username “SOFA CLESE” and I have been one of the most active members of the Metahero community since the very beginning in 2021 (I daren’t look up the amount of messages I’ve sent in the last year!)  

Ever since then I have been a part of the endless discussions, speaking up not only in support of Metahero from the inevitable FUD that comes hand in hand with crypto (what an eternal joy!) but also, I’ve always tried my best to make room for people in the community to express reasonable criticisms and fact-based concerns along the way. God knows we’ve all had our own questions throughout the last year after all! 

I went on that journey with all of you. 
From the early buzz of finding out this exciting, innovative concept. All that speculating on the potential ahead, then wondering when it would actually be delivered, and more recently, enduring the times where official communication and updates slowed to a halt and we all wondered what was going on behind the scenes. 
Gradually, I became more and more vocal about this aspect that I felt was badly missing from the project. For me, there was a serious lack of community-centric focus, absence of clear communication lines between the team and it’s investors, and a sense that many of the announcements that had been made along the way, were over promising on what could be delivered in the short term…which understandably was leading us to inevitable disappointment and yep, you guessed it , more FUD (yay!) 


Having been in the crypto space since 2017 I know well the eternal pain of delays…trust me! 
They are sadly par for course in the world of tech development. 
So my Issue , as with many of us, was less about the delays themselves and more about the lack of access to regular detailed communications from the former team, explaining those delays clearly and what was being worked on to get around them! 
Many of us felt left in the dark at times, and as a community we spoke out, ALOT, asking for information, updates, Q&A’s , anything… 

Sadly, increasingly, those calls from investors weren’t always acted upon, and so unsurprisingly, sentiment within the community suffered badly as a result and things got a little bit, tense, shall we say, in the community chats!  
And so I and many others began to take a step back from the project as we weren’t seeing the changes we were pushing for…

The news that The WOLF Group had decided to step in and takeover Metahero in a complete management overhaul , was something that immediately pulled me back in. Many investors had long been calling for greater involvement from Mariusz Krol and the Dev team for some time, and so, to hear he was stepping up as CEO meant I was all ears. 

I returned to the Telegram channels to find new COO Konrad Sobczak actively reaching out to investors directly with detailed responses and open info, that we haven’t ever really had direct access to before. This was the tone I felt was being set by the new management and finally, it was bang in line with what we’d all been asking for. 
Well, shortly after this, Konrad reached out to me directly and began seeking consultation on the best ways to improve the lines of communication. Straight to the point – reach out to the community directly and work with them to build something together. The crypto way! 
It was at this point Konrad invited me to take up an official role helping navigate this major overhaul with them.  
After various meetings with the team it became abundantly clear to me the project was in the right hands…I sincerely mean this: if I hadn’t felt certain of that, I assure you I wouldn’t be writing this letter to you all. I would have walked away then… 
And so I would like that officially announce that as of today…. 

The WOLF team have undergone a complete separation from the previous management and so I too have spent the last month or so scouting, assembling and briefing an entirely new admin team I know will be more than capable of helping assist you all in a positive way going forward! 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the previous mods for their hard work, I appreciate it is NOT an easy job being a crypto mod, and I wish them all the best in their future ventures from here. 
Now is the time for change however and so I would like to put the past behind us, together, and outline the clear intent from myself and all of the new team going forward.

We are here to deliver high quality, open and frequent community interaction.
Just some of the things I am already working with the new team to deliver in the future: 

1. More regular updates and content
2. More regular scheduled Q&A/AMA sessions
3. More fun ways for the community to engage and learn about the project
And much more, so keep your eyes peeled to our Social Channels and Telegram groups as we have a great month ahead.
I will sign off by thanking you all for your patience during this handover period. I know that patience can feel at a premium during bear markets (Where most of us are looking brokenly at our wallets wondering what tornado hit us) 
I completely understand that it can be frustrating when you don’t know the ins and outs of what’s going on behind the scenes. There is ALOT of work involved in taking over a business as Im sure you can imagine so thank you for sticking with us! New structures of communication are being worked on throughout this month to help fill you all in! 

Please do pop in and say hey to the new Mod team, They have been excited to meet you all! We look forward to continuing to work together as a community. 
I really hope we can strive together from here to maintain a respectful and open space in all our channels. 
You’re friendly (and very chatty!) neighbourhood “Hero” 
Sofa Clese 
- Longstanding Community Member @SOFACLESE Takes over as Community Manager! 
- We have a brand new Admin team! 
- The new CM apparently isn’t into writing short messages 🤣