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The Metahero Revolution 2021

The Metahero Revolution 2021

🔥What an absolute monster of a year we've had! To look back and see what we have ALL accomplished in 6 short months has been nothing short of EPIC, to say the least.

Below are just a few of this year's highlights.

🚀 Launch July 6th
⏱ Pre-sale completed in 98 seconds
🔄 Listed on 4 CEX’s
📱 Metahero App released
👨‍💻 HEROswap released
🚫 Removal of fees
💸 $10 Million in HERO airdrop
💥 V3 Metascanner unveiling at FBSummit
💲 Paying 100,000 people to get scanned 2022
✊ 200,000 HERO hodlers
📈 $1 Billion market cap reached
🏁 Massive sponsorship with Rich List & Proof of Fusion at F1 Abu Dhabi
📣 Announced the launch of


If 2021 was Metahero's launch year and we were able to accomplish everything we have, just imagine what 2022 (year of mass adoption) will look like.

The intensity and excitement in the team here at Metahero continues to grow, which brings new ideas and increased activity, all resulting in what you will see across 2022 and beyond.💣

🙏 Thank you so very much HERO community. Your efforts, engagement, and feedback are a guiding light in our efforts and we appreciate you very much. ❤️