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$HERO Named 'Coin of the Day' by LunarCRUSH

$HERO Named 'Coin of the Day' by LunarCRUSH

We've been busy, with our heads down, getting ready for the Future Blockchain Summit in 6 short days. However, even with everything going on, we wanted to let everyone know that $HERO was named 'Coin of the Day' by LunarCRUSH today!


24-Hour Highlights (by LC)
🚀 Alt Rank 4/3092
🚀 Social mentions +41%
🚀 Social engagements +25%
🚀 Price +31%

Even when we have our heads down and getting the work done, we are very happy to see that our community contribution goes into hyperdrive on social media. We are a truly blessed team, ALL of us.

The unveiling is right around the corner. Big things are happening, as we're sure you've seen. Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU! 🙏