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Eligible HERO Land Auction Discount Details

Eligible HERO Land Auction Discount Details

?The wait is finally over and the countdown to the Everdome land auction has begun! As promised, all eligible HEROes who have the winning bid to purchase land will be granted their discount.  

To be eligible for the discount you must have held HERO in a non-custodial wallet with no sells or transfers out from November 25th 2021 - until the land auction period is over.

? Before 10.12.2021
->10.000+ HERO - 15% land discount
-> 100.000+ HERO - 20% land discount
-> 1M+ HERO - 25% land discount

? 10.12.2021 - 10.01.2022 
-> 50.000 + HERO - 10% land discount

Your HERO discount is eligible towards every plot of land you bid and win on.✊

Your total winning bid will be paid in full upon the close of the auction, and your discounted amount will be returned following the close of all land auctions.

Note: Genesis NFT discounts and HERO discounts can’t be combined. If you are eligible for both, the HERO discount will be applied.