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Mariusz Król Founder of WOLF Group Appointed CEO of Metahero

Mariusz Król Founder of WOLF Group Appointed CEO of Metahero

Global metaverse cryptocurrency token Metahero ($HERO) announced in a statement today the appointment of Mariusz Król as CEO. 

Both Metahero and WOLF Group CEOs, Robert Gryn and Mariusz Król, have made the strategic decision to hand the project’s leadership over to Król. With the project being in a stage where the technology is a key driver, the decision was made to help facilitate the immediate needs and vision of the company — whereas Gryn will remain as CEO of Everdome, allowing him and the team to focus solely on metaverse development and the future vision of their web3 mission. 

Both teams will continue to deliver at the highest level, each with a unilateral focus, in order to increase and optimize output for both projects.

Gryn will leave day-to-day duties and project management of Metahero to Król, founder and CEO of WOLF Group, the entity responsible for 3D scanning technology. 

“As technology is the key driver in the future success of the Metahero project, I am confident that this is the right time to hand over leadership of the project to Mariusz,” Gryn said, adding “I have full confidence in his abilities to deliver — giving both the Metahero and Everdome teams the ability to have sole focus on their projects.”

In a statement, Król revealed that he will develop a renewed focus on $HERO’s tokenomic structure, providing investors with a new roadmap that will focus on blockchain utility across different industries. 

“Through multidisciplinary operations bridging both virtual and physical worlds, as well as NFT oriented projects and crypto/DeFi applications, WOLF Group’s core assets and hardware technology, centered on best in-class 3D scanning and printing technology and robotics, will seek to enhance the value and utility of $HERO token,” Król said. 


Founded in 2014, WOLF Group specializes in providing precise engineering solutions for large and small-scale 3D printing and scanning. The company creates, models, prints and builds both artistic and functional products. With printing machinery powered by Sony Imaging Technology, CNC machine tools, ABB industrial robots, laser cutting devices, and thermoforming, WOLF Group has serviced dozens of companies including Ferrari, Heineken and Disney, 3D scanning services for video games such as CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077, and through Metahero, metaverse initiatives like Everdome. 

Król added: “WOLF Group will work toward providing services and products for a variety of blockchain-based applications, including ultra-realistic 3D avatars and visual items that can be used across games, VR, and AR environments. All this should be achieved without losing the human perspective in our collective future, using the tools at our disposal to plant the seeds of a better tomorrow.”