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Metahero Officially Listed on KuCoin

Metahero Officially Listed on KuCoin

🔥 We are excited to announce that $HERO will be listing on KuCoin on the 29th of October! Strategically timed to follow the massive success of our global premiere at the Future Blockchain Summit.🌐

📈 Listing Exchange: KuCoin
🗓 Listing Date: October 29, 2021
⏰ Listing time: 9:00 a.m. UTC

Once trading commences, $HERO can be found under the the following tags on KuCoin:
✅ Metaverse
✅ 3D Technology

The KuCoin listing will no doubt bring massive exposure that a top-tier exchange facilitates on a monthly basis.

With #FBSummit's amazing showing, and proof-of-concept to thousands behind us, this listing ensures that November is going to be a big month. Your activity online will help immensely - keep doing you and enjoy the ride 🚀