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Metahero Mass Adoption Accelerates Into Monaco Race Weekend

Metahero Mass Adoption Accelerates Into Monaco Race Weekend

As the new year kicks off, Metahero would like to take this opportunity to emphasize our full commitment to our mission of crypto mass adoption. 2021 was an incredibly exciting, active, and productive year for our efforts and revolution as a whole. Our aim now is to now continue on this success and build further.

Metahero's potential is now receiving greater widespread recognition, having reached the top 100 projects in the world in 2021 - but now it's time to take it up another level.🚀

In order for Metahero to reach a more mainstream audience, we must position Metahero in locations and places where we can reach out to people that are both familiar, but more importantly, unfamiliar with crypto and the revolutionary nature of what it brings.

With the recent success of Metahero’s participation in the Abu Dhabi race weekend, culminating in one of the most widely watched and anticipated races on record, we've decided to take those efforts a step further in 2022.

We are excited to officially announce that we will once again be partnering with the Rich List Group to bring a premium sports audience closer to the Metahero name, at the same time bringing some of our lucky HEROes closer to the incredible sport of motor racing.

Metahero & WDW will be in attendance at the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2022. Run since 1929, it is widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world, and is one of the races that form the Triple Crown of Motorsport.

HOWEVER, this time we won't be showing up in a brand and participation capacity only:

1️⃣ 50% of the VIP experience and capacity will be exclusively reserved for HERO holders only! That's right, to attend one of the most prized VIP events around the biggest race weekend all year, you have to be a HERO holder.

2️⃣ WE ARE SCANNING MONACO 2022! We will be taking the v3 metascanner to the heart of one of the world's most prestigious, elite and challenging sports.

Come May 2022 HEROes from around the world will have the unique opportunity to enjoy one of the most coveted races in the physical world while scanning themselves into the digital (#metaverse) world - experiencing first-hand THE gateway between the physical and digital worlds.

Stay tuned as we roll out details around this, the 2nd, epic weekend of Metahero and our mass adoption efforts.

We are the gateway into the metaverse.✊