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Metahero's Next Stage of Growth

Metahero's Next Stage of Growth

0% fees & $10M Airdrop


With our rapid growth and Metahero becoming one of the top 150 crypto projects in the world - We have caught the attention of the largest players in the space.

Our initial tokenomics were never meant to be permanent. Why? Because Tier 1 exchanges do not list tokens with fees.

Metahero’s tokenomics have been designed for growth in phases. The initial launch phase included an auto liquidity tax that helped us amass permanently locked liquidity of around $70M (more than CAKE/BUSD for reference). We later moved to a 4% burn fee which has burned almost 5% of the circulating supply.

We are now in advanced talks with some of the largest exchanges in the world (we have received an offer from one of them). In order to proceed, we will be introducing the next phase of growth which requires the complete removal of all fees, resulting in HERO becoming a regular utility token. This change will be completed in the next week and is set to be implemented on September 25th.

Benefits include:

  • Fee-free trading that will increase volumes
  • Sell at 0% which means everyone has an extra 5% of HERO to monetize
  • Buy at 0% which will attract more buyers
  • Free transfers
  • Opens the doors to all Tier 1 exchanges
  • Large investors will be buying more as we know for a fact that they were dissuaded by the 5% trading fee
  • Essentially, everyone’s holdings will increase by 5% as you will no longer need to account for fees. Secondly, those that qualify will also receive the reward airdrop described below.


$10M Airdrop

Part of the fee resetting process will require us to withdraw around 67 million HERO from the rewards pool. These rewards will later be airdropped to all HERO holders that meet the following criteria:

  • Have over 5000 HERO
  • Do not sell any HERO between now and the airdrop date: 30th September

We have taken a snapshot of all addresses with HERO and will take a second one on September 30th right before the airdrop to finalize the list of eligible addresses. All eligible recipients will receive the airdrop in the amount proportional to their level of holdings. 

We are excited to bring about this new chapter of growth, all before the great unveiling of the V3 Metascanner in Dubai, which will change the course of history.