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Metahero Q4 Roadmap Recap

Metahero Q4 Roadmap Recap

As Q4 2021 comes to end we wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone on the status of our roadmap. From July 6th (launch day) until today our team has worked tirelessly to deliver as many features, products, marketing, and overall value as possible.

From time-to-time things need to be re-adjusted and moved around for efficiency or reasons of opportunity. If you will notice on our live road map ( at the bottom) we continue to deliver on our road map, but in some cases, as with any business, some things take extra care and/or may drop in priority vs. other opportunities that arise.

No matter the priorities, one thing that you can continue to trust is that we will continue to deliver and always prioritize the growth of Metahero as the central focus of decisions made.

Here's a glance at Q4's roadmap:

✅ V3 metascanner at FBSummit
✅ First tier 1 listing
✅ Website v2
✅ Grow the team 
✅ Growing international HERO community
✅ Further CEX listings (in motion)
🔄 Game/Studio development partnerships
🔄 Metahero/WDW 3D NFT marketplace (Delivery Q1 2022)
🔄 Artist/Influencer partnerships
🔄 Onboarding strategic investors
🔄 Officially install first public metahero chamber (Delivery Q1 2022)
🔄  Metahero mobile app v2 (moved to Q1 2022)

A few things from Q1 2022 that we've prioritized and completed ahead of time:

✅ Attending blockchain meetups & sponsoring
✅ Expanding global presence & awareness (Abu Dhabi Race Weekend)
✅ Added multi-language support

We make it a priority to keep the community informed on our activities, especially because it takes both the community and the team to make Metahero a success.

We will continue to deliver for you day in, day-out.✊

🙏 Thank you for your continued support of our collective vision.