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The Metahero Revolution - September Recap

The Metahero Revolution - September Recap

📢 HEROes, momentum continues to build month after month, the last busier than the previous. Below is our wrap-up of the highlights of our revolution during the month of September.

 📸 Check out a snapshot of the highlights:

✅ Interview with CoinTelegraph
✅ Metahero registers in Dubai, UAE
✅ 150k+ Subs on YouTube channel
✅ Reviewed by JRNY
✅ Introduction of Mariusz Krol of WDW
✅ #FBSummit giveaway winners going to Dubai
✅ Sony + WDW partnership announced
✅ Rob AMA w/Satoshi Street Bets
✅ First glimpses of the V3 Metascanner
✅ Metahero growth stage enacted
✅ Removal of fees & rewards withdrawn
✅ Kanga Exchange listing announced 7th of October
✅ $10,000,000 in $HERO airdropped
✅ Robert Karas breaks quintuple Ironman world record
✅ Launch of Metahero podcast
✅ 80k+ HERO holders reached

"Uptober," dubbed by Rob, is going to be a very exciting month for the Metahero Revolution. With the global premiere kicking off on the 17th of October you can expect big things this month.