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A multi-disciplinary team of photographers, graphic designers, engineers, and 3D scanning and modeling specialists. They carry out projects at the highest level of sophistication, often unfeasible or impossible for others. The work speaks for itself.

The combination of the virtual world with the real world gives us new experiences and opportunities

  • Gaming

    Become a hero in your favorite game.

  • Virtual Reality

    Be yourself in the virtual world during teleconferences or dates.

  • Augmented Reality

    Change your look, or check if a new tattoo is definitely a good idea. Create your unique GIFs.

  • Fashion

    See how you look in the clothes of famous brands. Fit your size and order directly to your home.

  • Social Media

    Collect memories of yourself and loved ones to create unique hologram albums in the real world.

  • Medicine

    Gain new opportunities to diagnose many diseases or carry out medical consultations on the other side of the world.

Enter the Metaverse

  • Spherical-shaped chamber
  • Diameter 6m, Height 7m
  • The required space: min. 10 x 10 m
  • Tempered glass floor (4.48 m in diameter) 1.5 meters from the base of the sphere.
  • 20 columns armed with cameras, trigger systems, separate power supply, LED system and PC computers
  • 200 Sony A7RIVA cameras, 10 per column. 16K resolution.
  • Radio-controlled camera triggering system.
  • LED lighting (40 cold and warm LED strips) and flash lighting (12 lamps)
  • Time of taking the measurement (photograms): 1/80 - 1/160 second
  • Model production time: 15-40 minutes
  • Output file format: OBJ + texture. Possible change to another format.
  • Purpose: scanning of moving objects, especially people and animals
  • Maximum number of people in the chamber: 4
  • Adaptation to scan positions: T-pose
  • Possible branding of the chamber
  • The chamber is operated by at least two people

WOLF Group has worked with some extraodinary names during their time in 3D

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