Everything transacted in $HERO

Everything in our ecosystem will be transacted in HERO. Scanning. Licensing. NFT sales. All paid in $HERO. The Metaverse is the next frontier; the $HERO token will have major utility in and out of this new frontier.

Invest, purchase, earn

The Metaverse is the next frontier

  • Scanning

    The $HERO token will have major utility in and out of this new frontier.

  • Licensing

    License your property to outside developers and create revenue streams for yourself

  • NFT Sales

    Create NFTs to auction, trade or sell directly. All will be paid in $HERO.

Metahero Business Model

Our business model is a mix of B2B & B2C. Paid-to-scan revenue will be made through Metahero licensing to development partners. Pay-to-scan revenue will be generated per scan, paid by the user to Metahero. Lastly, a percentage of licensing revenue will be generated through the marketplace.

Metahero to pay $1000 HERO for 100,000 scans
B2B paid partnerships w/developers
Scanners placed in strategic locations at 150,000 scans/year at $200 HERO
Licensing of NFTs and Scans via the marketplace
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Token distribution model

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Getting paid to get scanned just upped the game

We will be rolling out 3 chambers to very strategic locations in the next year which will provide a destination value that will bring serious Metaverse users to get scanned.

To be announced
To be announced
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