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Token info
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Next-Gen Real Utility Token

Coupled with Ultra-HD Metascanning Technology

Built by veterans

Our team is a seasoned and tightly knit tribe. We're level 99 builders.

Cost effective code

Custom built smart contracts that are superior in terms of efficiency and cost.

16K Ultra-HD

3D scanning like the world has never seen before. NFT technology of the future.

Real utility

The first of its kind token with real world utility. Ideal for investors.

Commercialized technology

Our technology has been used by the likes of Ferrari, CD Project & Disney.


Be Your Own Hero with our 3D Technology

We are proud to have partnered with Wolf Studio, a global leader in 3D scanning and modeling. Create avatars for gaming, social, fashion, and scan artwork to create NFTs. The use cases of our technology are only limited by your imagination.

Create your own 3D avatar
Scan & create 3D NFTs
Use HERO token to transact
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Enter the Metaverse

Metascaner is powered by Wolf Digital World (WDW), exclusive contractor and technology supplier for Metahero. The company has been running R&D operations for many years in the field of digitalization and 3D printing and has completed hundreds of projects for the likes of CD Projekt, Ferrari, and Disney.

  • Outer diameter: 4.2 m
  • Height: 2.5 m
  • The maximum number of people in the chamber: 4
  • Full synchronization simultaneous triggering of cameras
  • 1/120 second time of taking the measurement (photograms)
  • Quick assembly & disassembly complete mobility with system of folding columns
  • 64 cameras 16 mobile columns with a server unit, 4 cameras each
Pre-order Metahero 3D Chamber *Payable only with HERO


Designed for HEROes


Use the HERO app to pay for scans at our 3D Chamber locations.

Granular statistics

If you love numbers you'll be able to monitor all HERO stats in one place.


So, how are we going to do all of this?

Q1 2021
Setting up legal entity
$10M seed funding from Robert Gryn
Market research
R&D confirming the feasibility of the project
Validating business model
Testing 3D scanning technology
Securing strategic partners & advisors
Creating proprietary smart contract architecture
Core team formation
Creating marketing strategy
Establishing 5 year plan & vision
Premium brand creation
Q2 2021
Initial talks with high-profile investors
Stress test smart contracts
Expand core team
Verify metascanner locations
HERO app development
Website V1
YouTube channel rebranding
Opening whitelist
Private presale
Public presale registration
AMA with Robert Gryn
Pre-launch marketing campaigns
Awareness marketing & PR campaigns
Q3 2021
Public Launch on Pancakeswap v2
Post launch marketing campaigns
CertiK audit
Metahero added to major rating websites
Listing on first CEX
HERO Android app release
HERO iOS app release
Negotiations with Tier 1 CEXs
Building V3 Metascanner
Implementation of community voting
Q4 2021
Expanding team
Website v2
Sponsorship of crypto & gaming events
Explore game studio/developer partnerships
Join prestigious global business organizations
Onboarding strategic investors
Growing international HERO communities
Officially install public Metahero 3D chamber
Metahero 3D NFT marketplace
Further CEX listings
Metahero mobile app V2
Implementation of fiat to HERO onramp solution
Q1 2022
Launch Metahero 3D franchise
Further Metahero 3D chamber locations
Blockchain meetups
Gaming conferences & expositions
Expanding team
Expanding global presence & awareness
Adding multi-language support
Strategic gaming & crypto partnerships
HERO Visa partnership
Publish 2022 roadmap
Publish 10-year plan to scale to 100M users


Need help with anything?

How to add HERO tokens to Metamask/Trustwallet?

Metamask: Trustwallet:

How and when can I buy HERO on PancakeSwap?

You can buy it on July 5th 1pm CET. Video instruction:

What is the price of HERO for the PancakeSwap listing?

Listing will start at the same price as during presale, 1 BNB = 200,000 HERO.

Is there a lockup on the HERO tokens bought at presale?

No, there is no lockup.

Public presale took place two days before PancakeSwap launch so someone can add liquidity and dump the price - do you have any protection for this scenario?

There is a mechanism built in our smart contract that prevents anyone from adding liquidity until the PancakeSwap launch so this will not happen.

Are the devs doing anything to combat the bots?

We have our own plan to keep the bots away from the PancakeSwap launch but if you know blockchain you know that it’s impossible to control that in full.

What is the supply at the time of PancakeSwap launch?

Around $6 million. 2B HERO + 10,000 BNB.

What does ‘slippage’ mean?

Slippage is the amount of price difference you are willing to pay if the price increases between the time you click swap and the time it actually goes through. If you put for example 10% that means you are willing to still purchase even though the price has increased by 10%. If the price has not increased by 10% then you get whatever it is under that range.

What slippage should I set on PancakeSwap?

Minimum is 6%, depending on the demand at a given time this may require to be increased. For the first hour of trading xperienced users recommendations are between 10% and 30% (NFA).

Should I use V1 or V2 PancakeSwap?

V2 (which is opened by default ->

Can I buy HERO only with BNB?

You can use for example BUSD but Pancake Swap will execute two transactions anyway. BUSD -> BNB -> HERO